Mew Beatsork Zitty

by The Beats, Man

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released June 26, 2010

All songs written by the Beats, Man except:
"Mew Beatsork Zitty (Part I)" by Austin Thomason
"Beats, Mand of Horses" by the Beats, Man, Adrian Foulk, & Lindsay Good
"Freedomtown" by the Beats, Man and Eric Marchant Claudon

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Austin Thomason & the Beats, Man in Seattle, WA

Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering, Bellevue, WA



all rights reserved


The Beats, Man Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Mew Beatsork Zitty (Part II)
Etruria, Bertona, then Fremont Avenue. Boylston to First Ave. West, then Queen Anne Avenue. Our Reasons have been neglected lately in the corners of our rooms as we picked up sticks and picked up picks and turned up the volume. i found love, it tortured me, and I forgot to sing. Business writing has a way of killing any mood. Do you remember the wax cat, the green lamp, the bottles, the tapestries, the magazines we doctored? Moving day came for all of us; the black hole was forgotten. I think I lost our notebook in a backpack somewhere, sorry. I'm glad to see we're still here now let's put this time to use.
Track Name: Yummmmm
Come on baby, let me read your journal entry. Come on baby, sing it to me sweetly. I know there's folks looking over your shoulder but just read it aloud for me: all the things you'd do to me. I close my eyes so tight, finger these old piano keys.
I've been smoking nearly two packs a day. I can't take care of myself since you've been away. I need you to play my doctor. Baby girl I'm sick. Won't you come home quick?
Track Name: Courageous Abandon
For the rest of eternity, wrapped around a well-built frame, the consumer report's there's a lull. Perhaps it's nothing to worry about, but we're all likely fucked.
i want to get a charming flat in the Village. I want to go to Pottery Barn for my living room. I need an extreme makeover for my fucking wife. I need an extensive library of classics for my self esteem. Just a couple of antiques to store in the attic to make it a seller. I'll buy organic produce, damn it. Don't hassle me. My kids love me.
Track Name: College
All I need to know I learned in college. And it's higher education by way of elucidation (sedation). Expand your mind and break new ground in your opinions, but don't forget to buy and sell good grades. You've got a lot to learn about the way we do things here. (But don't forget to buy and sell your opinions.) And all the while you thought you'd make a difference, but all your hard work just went to shit.
College isn't everything that college claims to be; the only thing that I learned there was how to buy good weed.
Track Name: Ravine
Perch me lightly at the edge of a ravine. Someone turned too early and they haven't been seen for weeks. I dropped my lighter my keys and everything. It must have been at night, or it must have been raining, becuase otherwise it just seems like bad luck.
I don't want to die, maybe i should drive. I hope you don't mind but I've got a mighty lot to live for these days.
Rusty red trucks down a forty foot drop. Lower me down, pull the rope tight when I yell stop.
Track Name: Freedomtown (Feat. MCWop)
Get your feet on the ro. Get your boat on the wa. Get the rope on your ne. Because it's Freedomtown: where the babies are babies and the milk is fat free. There isn't ever going to be a crime wave in Freedomtown.
I've been saving up my cash because I want to be somebody someday. I've got to get a hatchback: four wheels, five doors, and a motherfucking shopvac attached to my backpack. Look at that shopvac attached to my backpack: toss it in the hatchback.
I'm the mayor of this town. There isn't anybody living free as me. Some say my beats are too loud: sub woofer, bomb chronic all to please the Freedomtown crowd with a heavy sound as they're lying around. That's the Freedomtown sound: we're just lying around Freedomtown.
I have a Phd. I'm the only person who can translate these hieroglyphics. I do it manually; how dare you other posers do it digitally?
Track Name: Down The River
When you entered you were shook, and I looked up from my book. An infant wrapped in wet rags clinging to your neck. Before I could ask you said you found him in a basket beneath a raft upon the shore that was wrecked the night before so: down the river once more. Babies we cannot afford.
If you're down with rhythm say "I found the beat." And if your beats get tired throw them right back in the street. And if your friends are hungry then they can go to sleep. And if your baby doesn't pull its own weight in sample rate then it's out in the street.
Clouds make evil sounds like rednecks wasting rounds to the sky before a hanging or cargo trains derailing. As we stride to the bank in the mud, all slime and rank, you say I'm rotten to the core. I say, "That's why all the more..."
Track Name: Crqazy
I knew someone who went to a birthday party and one of the kids drowned in the pool. He couldn't swim with shoes on. Perhaps next year a magician or a clown...
If Ginsberg wasn't a prophet and Lewis was a millionaire we'd need a greater supply of printing materials.
Track Name: Babies' Broken Beaks
We waited while the world wailed, the willows wept, and the whipmen washed their whips. Then someone spoke, the singing stopped, the soot settled soft upon the street. We bumbled about, the banned books burnt. Our backs were bent. Our babies begged for breast with broken beaks. Now how in hell in heaven hope with a hoar's head husband hacking holes in the house?
I gazed in the brook by the playground and really saw white-water rapids: I had power when I was ten.
I rubbed dandelions on my paws and I would attack like a wildcat. I stood up to invisible aliens; they held me and sucked the air out of my lungs. I walked my bike home that day. I was scared, my courage had left me. I would never stick my nose where it did not belong.
We twirled; held on tight and let the blood rush to our heads, twist and turned the tires til our noses bled. For eleven nights we would not go to bed; our parents could not wait for summer's end. Winter came and we grew up too fast; it froze our wills and haunted grownup minds. Now time finds and binds with thick red lines; every color dulled, all dreams forgot and numb. We, helpless, watch our feet stomp brothers' backs; bounding forth machines with toxic breath.
Track Name: Beats, Mand of Horses
Car Owner: Get your horses out of my garage!
Equestrian: Get your cars out of my horse stable!
C.O.: Well, I sell my damned thoughts for nickels and dimes, but you've got two black eyes: I've told you twice already!
E: It's hard enough to wipe the shit from my shoes in the laundry room without being abused by you!
Track Name: Steamwand Fatality
Nobody's talking anymore. We've used our favorite colors on the sidewalk and chalkboard, but no one's happy now because Teacher erased them with his hose
Nobody's talking anymore. Not since we broke our common bonds but never wrought new ones. And I feel rotten now. I slept through all useful hours, but how?
Somebody say something, please. We were singing songs and drinking then we just stopped breathing. Are you happy now? But how?
Track Name: Bümhüg
Can't get too mad about that. Turns out we bought only dead cats. Can't blame me for thinking maybes. I get down on strum strum.
Can't get too mad about that twice. Try to get a diet coke with no ice. Maybe in the thirty-two ounce size. I get no ice. Cat bites.
Mother fucker trying to get home never found no way to get home. Mother fucker trying to get known. I want a drone. Let me have a drone.
Track Name: Coasters
Thank God this place is small; my keys just don't get lost much anymore. Those coasters have sat behind the tv since the day the fell down there. When I stare for hours til my eyes drop shut and the sun cooks my apartment and it makes me feel dizzy. Until sunset I'm no use at all.
My friends said they'd be awhile so I resolved to clean the kitchenware. Huddled there with shriveling hands, the fan was softly cooling my bare skin. When all of a sudden the window snapped shut. And a plate slipped through my fingers and it dropped to the lino. And for a moment I thought it was a ghost.